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Über mich

Wirtschaftspsychologin mit Leidenschaft für Psychologie, Entrepreneurship & Leadership.

I am Katherina, a business psychologist and leadership enthusiast. Having worked in various organisational environments from corporates to startups, I have a deep understanding of organisational structures, processes, organisational psychology and entrepreneurship.


Working at Paua Ventures, an early-stage Venture Capital firm in Berlin, I have learned what it means to hire the right people to build up high-performing teams from scratch. I supported portfolio companies in their different growth stages to build strong cultures, adaptable structures and processes as well as to bring their people development to the next level.


Wanting to experience all that with my own hands, I joined the early-stage social startup share and built up first people structures, while growing and doubling in work force. I have implemented a multi-level and standardised recruiting process, organised off-site and on-site coaching sessions for employees and mid-level management. Strengthening the “culture-momentum”, I have introduced value-based on- and off-boarding processes as well as introduced first structures of the performance management system and implemented measures to nurture the organisational culture from within. 


Today, I am a trainer and coach specialising in leadership to enable founders and team leads to level-up their teams and take on healthy growth with their startups. 


My coaching path I have started in 2017 when I was assisting a business coaching training program at artop. Here, I have realised how much the coaching- and startup-environment can nurture each other. Currently I am enrolled in a 1-year business coaching training program myself. So that, by February 2020, I will not only be an inspirational, empowering and energetic coach, but also officially certified! ;)


As a person I am super curious and easily inspired by people I get to know and their personal growth stories. I educate my self a lot and find myself having endlessly growing "Books-To-Read" or "Podcast-To-Listen" lists.  Science gets my eyes, heart and spirit to lighten up and sports gets my mind to rest and energise.  I love early morning walks with my dog and a full cup of hot black coffee in my hands.

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